Water Resource Policy Minor

Advisor: Dr. Joice Chang
Founders Hall 132

Students who are interested in the politics of environment and sustainability and natural resource policy and management will benefit from this minor focused on the social, physical and policy aspects of water, one of the most important natural resources. The knowledge and skills gained through this minor are helpful for careers with public and private agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

Those students who are thinking of declaring the minor should make an appointment with the adviser before declaring the minor. After completing two courses in the minor, students will file a program plan with the adviser.

The minor is 18 units, composed of at least two courses from each of the following three categories.

Policy/Political Process

Two courses from the following:

ESM 325 (3) Environmental Law and Regulation
ESM 425 (3) Environmental Impact Assessment, or
ENGR 410 (3) Environmental Health &Impact Assessment [Prerequisite for this course: ENGR 313, ENGR 351, ENGR 440]
PSCI 317 (4) Public Policy Process

Water Resources – Social Aspects

Two courses from the following:

NAS 366 (4) Tribal Water Rights
PSCI 352 (4) Water Politics
PSCI 365/GEOG 365 (4) Political Ecology
ECON 423 (3) Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Water Resources – Physical Aspects

Two courses from the following:

WSHD 333 (3) Wildland Water Quality [Prerequisite for this course: CHEM 107 or consent of instructor]
WSHD 310 (4) Hydrology & Watershed Management
FISH 320 (3) Limnology
FISH 476 (3) Ecology of Running Waters [Prerequisite for this course: BIOL 105 or IA]
GEOG 473 (1-4) Topics in Physical Geography: Global Water Resources (3)

or other appropriate courses as approved by minor advisor.