Major & Minor Advising

We value our students and want them to be successful at Humboldt!

Through academic advising, we seek to ensure our students’ success in their courses and help students explore their academic and career goals while ensuring their timely progress to degree. Faculty in the Department of Politics are academic advisers for students pursuing the major and minor in political science. Students may request an appointment or utilize drop-in office hours of their academic adviser during any point in the semester. Prior to registration, majors must meet with their academic adviser to receive advising and arrange for the advising hold to be removed from their Student Center.

To prepare for a meeting with adviser, the student should review their DARS and use the DARS planner to plan their class schedule for at least three semesters. DARS plans are not fixed commitments to register for any specific class, but are an important tool to keep the student organized regarding their plan to meet requirements for graduation. The data contained within students’ DARS plans help the department and university understand which courses to offer based on student demand.

Outside of these advising appointments, students often find it helpful to consult with the Department of Politics peer mentor who can be a sounding board and offer support regarding a range of issues.  The peer mentor can also help with interpreting the DARS and preparing DARS plans.

The Department of Politics offers an Advising course in Canvas that majors and minors can access at any time. This course provides information and links to student support services across campus. All majors should be enrolled in this course to receive timely information and and announcements about advising.

Each semester before the beginning of the registration period the Department of Politics hosts a group advising meeting, which offers students information about departmental courses, opportunities outside of the classroom, and timelines and processes for registration. During these meetings students make connections with departmental faculty and other majors.

If you have questions about advising, contact your academic adviser directly. If you are unsure which faculty member is your adviser, consult your Student Center. If no Politics Department faculty adviser appears in your Student Center, contact the Politics department office at In addition, if the Politics Advising course is not listed in your Canvas courses, contact the department office with a request to be enrolled in the course.