Political Science Major

The political science program will help you to understand how social justice, culture and the environment are interrelated and how to effectively and equitably address social, political and environmental issues. You will learn the knowledge and skills to be an effective global citizen and achieve your career goals.

The faculty in our department form lasting relationships with students inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to our small discussion-based classes, we emphasize the “hands on” learning, such as internships, our Model UN and Moot Court programs, engaging in scholarly research projects, and study abroad.

To complete the major, students can choose to concentrate in law and policy, politics of environment and sustainability or global politics, or can choose a general track without a concentration.

The major is 41 units and all students take the following

Three core classes of 3 units each:

• PSCI 220: Introduction to Political Theory,
• PSCI 230: Introduction to Comparative Politics,
• PSCI 240: Introduction to International relations
Two skills courses:

• PSCI 280 discussion seminar (1 unit)
• PSCI 295: Political Research and Analysis (4 units)
One “Experience” class such as
Model UN (PSCI 376/377), Internships (PSCI 482),
or Moot Court (PSCI 413)
Five or six upper-division elective
courses totaling 20 units
(classes vary based on the concentration)
• PSCI 485: Capstone Seminar