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Peer Mentor

Henry Myers


I am Henry, the Major Based Peer Mentor for the Politics Department! I am a senior political science student, concentrating in global politics. My areas of study include African Politics, International Security, Comparative Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Circular/Sustainable economy, and Infrastructure. I transferred to Humboldt last year from a community college in Pasadena LA, where I live when not at school, where I got a transfer degree in History. Although I have lived in California for many years I was born in the Pacific North West which I still love; that was a big reason why I choose to study at Humboldt. I am also the current President of the Politics Club here on campus, so if you are interested in joining, reach out! I hope to one day serve in the Federal Government on foreign policy! I love to talk and learn about current events, doing outdoorsy adventure activities (I do archery and am learning to scuba dive), reading books (LotR is my fav!), playing games (including role playing games), and watch and make fun of bad movies! I’m always down for a hike, beach day, or game/movie night!

As a Peer mentor through RAMP (Retention through Academic Mentoring Program) my job is to help the students of the Politics Department with any issues they might come across as students! If you are struggling in a class, if you want help understanding the school systems, if you are having trouble with getting settled at school, or are even having troubles getting socially involved on campus, I am a great first stop accessible resource to help you! I may not know the answer to every question or be the best person to solve every problem, but two bucks says I know how to find out or who does lickety-split! I am basically a fellow student who has been given all the info to everything students need to know at Humboldt. It’s also my job to try and build a strong and active community around our politics department, so expect to be getting emails from me about events I set up for you all! I hope to see you at them!

If you want to set up a meeting with me you can email me at You can also attend my open office hours at 12-2 on Monday in the RAMP office*. (Keep an eye out, as I may be adding more office hours later on.)

*You can find the RAMP office in Library 25; this is in a section underneath the left (south) side of the library, down the hall to the right. (This is also where Career Advising is located, so good spot to know!) Don’t be afraid to ask for directions, because I did when I first had to go there!