Loren Collins

Lecturer & Internships Coordinator

Loren Collins
(707) 826-5459
LIB 33
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Office hours: By appointment
M.A., Humboldt State University

I am proud to be a graduate of Humboldt’s MA program in Sociology and our undergraduate history program. I am even more proud to have returned to assist future graduates of Humboldt with building a future of their own. I started my career in the non profit sector working with teens and at risk youth, then worked as an employment counselor for the County of Humboldt and finally came to work with the Humboldt Academic and Career Advising Center and the Center for Community Based Learning. In the last two years I have served as a Faculty Support Coordinator for Service Learning and Career Education. Getting the needs of our students and the community met through career education, Service Learning, and internships has become a passion. These roles have allowed me to co-teach and assist in designing classes in a few majors across campus. In 2017, I completed my MA in Sociology and a thesis on Social Movements in the Global Capitalist System and began lecturing in Fall of 2017.

Courses Taught: 
PSCI 482: Political Science Internships
ENST 490S: Environmental Studies Capstone (1 Unit – Service Learning component)
SOC 282L: Sociological Statistics