News for Politics students -- 4-19-2021

  1. Humboldt Int'l Film Festival, April 19-25. The festival’s mission is to create a space for independent filmmakers to express themselves, free from the censorship of mainstream media. The festival is particularly aware of the power of short, independent film, and we seek those which inspire social and environmental change. Tickets are half price for HSU students. Watch films virtually or at the Minor Theatre. See here for details.
  2. Schaub Lecture on Local Politics, April 20. 5:15pm. Organized by HSU’s Politics Department. The 17th Victor T. Schaub Memorial Lecture on Local Politics will address “Arcata General Plan Update: Planning for the Future, Engaging Citizens in the Process.” This presentation by David Loya, Director of Community Development, and Delo Freitas, Senior Planner, includes audience participation and Q&A. Arcata’s General Plan will help shape how the city will look, function, provide services, and manage resources for the next 20 years. In honor of Earth Week, the talk will include a focus on environmental concerns and climate resilience in planning. Zoom log-in details in the attached flyer. Questions? Email
  3. Sustainable Futures Speaker Series, April 22. 5:30pm a webinar presentation titled “Labors of love: on the political ethics and economy of bovine politics in Himalayan India.” Register here. This talk will explore how conceptualizing love as work can provide a fresh perspective on scholarly concerns about the ethics of a politics rooted in love. Anthropologist Dr. Radhika Govindrajan will address this question through an ethnographic exploration of bovine politics in the Central Himalayan state of Uttarakhand in India.
  4. The Post Capitalism Conference: Building a Solidarity Economy, April 22-25. The conference will offer 21 sessions facilitated by movement leaders, practitioners and scholars. Join this virtual convening of folks engaged in transformational social change to create an explicitly post-capitalist society using the Solidarity Economy framework, grounded in the core principles of: solidarity, cooperation, mutualism; equity in all dimensions–race/ethnicity/nationality, class/gender/sexual orientation; participatory democracy; and sustainability. The four days will be filled with concrete, practical solutions: Public Banking, Participatory Budgeting, Community Land Trusts, Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Democratized Energy production and Distribution, and more. Click here to register. Facebook event page.
  5. CSU-wide Earth Day event, April 22. 12-1:30pm. Taking Action for People & the Planet: This solutions-oriented event will feature four youth leaders of the intersectional environmentalism and climate justice movement. The 1-hour panel will be moderated by a CSU student (from SDSU) and will be followed by 30-minute, interactive breakout sessions led by the panelists and other CSU sustainability leaders. Examples of session topics: “Pushing Sustainability through University Policy and Student Government,” “People Power: Changing What's Possible for Climate Policy in California,” “Solutions-Focused Community Work for a Sustainable Future,” etc. More info and speaker bios here. Register here.
  6. Promotorx Transformative Educators Program, apply by May 2. Does the thought of having a more equitable classroom excite you? Are you interested in learning new teaching techniques and pedagogies? This fellowship will give students who have an interest in transformative education the opportunity to learn about grassroot approaches to pedagogy, teaching, and schools. Our goal is providing students with a critical perspective on the institution of education while preparing them to be teachers in K-12 schools. In addition, participants earn a $600 stipend (attached to their financial aid) at the end semester upon completion of the program. Details and application for the summer 2021 session on our website.
  7. Peer mentor availability. Politics Department peer mentor Samuel Perez hosts drop-in office hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 or by appointment (Zoom link). Some of the things he can help with are: planning a path through the major, coursework questions, motivation to stay focused on your success, and support during challenging times. Contact him by email at