Department of Politics News - 11/2/2022

1) Sacramento State MA program info session, Nov. 4

2) Decolonizing Sustainability Speaker Series, Nov. 9
See attached for full schedule. There are lectures Nov. 2, 9, 16, and 30.
3) UCSF MS in Global Health, info session Nov. 10
The Master of Science in Global Health program is now accepting applications! Why study global health at the University of California, San Francisco? The 11-month, full-time global health master’s program offers:
  • Training for global health service and leadership
  • Ten weeks of global health fieldwork
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum and world-renowned faculty
  • Preparation for careers in research, policy, organizational leadership, epidemiology, consulting, academia and program management
Please join us for our first virtual information session on November 10, 2022, from 12-1 p.m. Register here. The session will feature introductory remarks by IGHS Executive Director Jaime Sepulveda, MD, DSc, MPH.
Program Director Chris Carpenter, MD, MPH and Associate Director Ingrid Chen, PhD, MS '13 will then present information about the program and admissions process and have time for Q+A.
4) Applications for E&C are open now!
Apply to Cal Poly Humboldt's Environment & Community M.A. for Fall 2023! 
E&C focuses on the diverse relationships between environment and community using interdisciplinary perspectives. 
Application Due: February 28, 2022
After two years of being on pause, we are officially re-opening the Environment and Community Master's program for Fall 2023 admission.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at
All members of our cohort must complete the "Interning in Congress 101" coursework on College to Congress University (C2C-U), which can be found on our website. This is a great FREE online program to help you create a Hill-ready resume, leverage your LinkedIn network, and more. Upon completion, all C2C-U alumni have access to our mentorship portal, job board, and LinkedIn group - all of which are designed to help you land a Congressional internship. 
PSCI 485: Inequality in Democracy

The topic of this seminar is inequality in democracy. Some forms of inequality may be unavoidable in a democracy, yet other forms can be seen as morally wrong and/or inconsistent with democratic values, and we will discuss what constitutes legitimate and illegitimate inequality in democratic theory. We will examine inequality under the law in the U.S. as it pertains to women, African-Americans, LGBTQ-identified people and other minoritized groups. In the American context, the legitimacy of discrimination and unequal treatment of specific groups has changed over time and we will trace and critically analyze this evolution through examination of Supreme Court opinions and other documents. The culminating assignment in the seminar is a 15- to 17-page research paper related to the topic of inequality, which can focus on the American context or take a more global perspective.


PSCI 350: US National Politics

Given the current national political climate shaped by Trumpism on the right and progressivism on the left, there is no better time than now to build a solid understanding of national politics. This course offers an intense and extended focus on how politics shapes the institutions of the presidency, Congress, and the federal courts. One cannot fully grasp policymaking at the national level without such an understanding, and this class is vital for any student considering a career in government and politics. The 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election will be important in shaping the country's future for years to come. Is it possible to heal the country's divisions and return to some version of what was normal prior to 2016? The central assignment in the class is a simulation of a Congressional committee mark-up of a real bill. Students research and 'play' real members of Congress in the simulation. This provides a deep personal learning experience of what it's like for the nation's elected representatives to navigate today's polarized party politics.


PSCI 482 Internship

If you want to complete an internship over the summer, registering for Spring is the best opportunity to get credit for that experience. Contact instructor Loren Collins as early possible to begin coordinating your placement.
Here are some common sites we have used in the past:
  • Any Campus Office
  • Humboldt Center for Constitutional Rights
  • Humboldt County District Attorney
  • City of Arcata Equity Work
  • Student Legal Lounge 
  • Educational Video and Curriculum Project - ConnectED at HSU
  • Local City offices, City Managers, Council members or Humboldt Board of Supervisors 
  • Patrick's Point State Park 
  • Six Rivers Nat Forest
  • Local Land Trusts  
  • CASA
  • Boys and Girls Club - Getting involved in Youth Work and Youth Outreach
  • Arcata After School Programs - As simple as working with youth or as complicated as building classes, activities or groups around subjects of need or interest.  Could be K-6 or middle school here. 
  • NEC - North Coast Environmental Center - Environmental Education and Policy
  • Zero Waste Humboldt - Working to eliminate Waste
  • True North - Working to bring Equity for indigenous populations and undocumented citizens
  • Republican and Democratic Party Headquarters
  • HSU offices - such as the Office for Sustainability, etc...
  • CA Center for Rural Policy - Research social issues in Humboldt County. 
  • Arcata Economic Development Center - Supporting growth in Humboldt by encouraging entrepreneurship and local business. 
  • EPIC - Environmental Policy and Advocacy
  • Veterans Center, Arcata Vets Hall, American Legion
  • Planned Parenthood 
  • Jared Huffman - US Congressional Field Office in Eureka
  • Jefferson Community Center
  • State Senator Mike McGuire's Office
NAS 312 Grant Writing for Social and Environmental Justice